Satellite View!

February 20, 2007

Sattelite View!

That’s what it would look like!  Proposed development…


AWAS! Danger Ahead!

February 2, 2007

In just a few days residents of Ukay Heights, Taman TAR and Dataran Ukay will lose their opportunity to register their protest of the massive and potentially dangerous development on the hill slopes between Taman TAR and Jalan Hulu Kelang. Some residents in the properties immediately adjacent to the area have received written notice from the local municipal council (MPAJ). However, many residents of Taman TAR and neighbouring areas still remain unaware of the proposal by MAA (Malaysian Allied Assurance) that promises to level the ridge and mar the landscape.

Letters objecting to the proposed development to need to be posted to MPAJ before 15th February 2007.

Reasons for the objection should include:

1. The project cannot be realized without breaking laws and regulations of the State of Selangor governing development of hill slopes.

2. Due to the steepness of the slopes and poor conditions of the soil, landslides have already occured in this area after heavy rainfall. Clearing of the vegetation will add to the instability of the slopes above and adjacent to our homes.

3. Insufficient notice and signage has been put up for the information of the residents of Ukay Heights, Taman Hijau, Taman TAR, Dataran Seri Ukay, Ampang Jaya and adjacent neighborhoods.

4. Although an EIA report was tabled, it is not readily avialable for public viewing.

5. Although there now exists a certificated survey plan located in the MPAJ offices, it is extremely difficuly for the residents to study the nature of the project and its effects on the neighborhoods with more accurate information.

6. There is no assessment done as to the increase in the current traffic and carrying capabilities of the existing roads.

7. MPAJ has failed to draw up a Local Plan for Ampang Jaya that incorporates the feedback and views of ALL of its residents.

If you’re concerned about your home, neighborhood and way of life, please take some action. The deadline for objections is 15th February. Get your neighbors to send in their objections, too.

SPECIAL THANKS to for help with these suggestions.