AWAS! Danger Ahead!

February 2, 2007

In just a few days residents of Ukay Heights, Taman TAR and Dataran Ukay will lose their opportunity to register their protest of the massive and potentially dangerous development on the hill slopes between Taman TAR and Jalan Hulu Kelang. Some residents in the properties immediately adjacent to the area have received written notice from the local municipal council (MPAJ). However, many residents of Taman TAR and neighbouring areas still remain unaware of the proposal by MAA (Malaysian Allied Assurance) that promises to level the ridge and mar the landscape.

Letters objecting to the proposed development to need to be posted to MPAJ before 15th February 2007.

Reasons for the objection should include:

1. The project cannot be realized without breaking laws and regulations of the State of Selangor governing development of hill slopes.

2. Due to the steepness of the slopes and poor conditions of the soil, landslides have already occured in this area after heavy rainfall. Clearing of the vegetation will add to the instability of the slopes above and adjacent to our homes.

3. Insufficient notice and signage has been put up for the information of the residents of Ukay Heights, Taman Hijau, Taman TAR, Dataran Seri Ukay, Ampang Jaya and adjacent neighborhoods.

4. Although an EIA report was tabled, it is not readily avialable for public viewing.

5. Although there now exists a certificated survey plan located in the MPAJ offices, it is extremely difficuly for the residents to study the nature of the project and its effects on the neighborhoods with more accurate information.

6. There is no assessment done as to the increase in the current traffic and carrying capabilities of the existing roads.

7. MPAJ has failed to draw up a Local Plan for Ampang Jaya that incorporates the feedback and views of ALL of its residents.

If you’re concerned about your home, neighborhood and way of life, please take some action. The deadline for objections is 15th February. Get your neighbors to send in their objections, too.

SPECIAL THANKS to for help with these suggestions.


19 Responses to “AWAS! Danger Ahead!”

  1. Cassava Says:

    “We are concerned residents of Taman Hijau, Ukay Heights (Persatuan Penduduk Taman Hijau) Taman TAR, and Dataran Ukay, living adjacent to the area of proposed development of steep forested slopes by MAA”

    Dear concerned residents,

    I empathize. However, in my opinion, as long as Panorama Skyline / MAA adheres to all stipulated laws and regulations, they should be allowed to develop the land that is rightfully theirs.

    After all, some parts of Ukay Heights / Taman TAR / Dataran Ukay are also located on steep (formerly ‘forested’) slopes.


  2. Cassava Says:

    To be fair to both parties (developer and neighboring residents), the authorities should allow the area to be developed but subject to very stringent regulatory requirements (slope engineering/monitoring, density, aesthetics, etc).

    Moreover, the authorities shall appoint representatives of the neighboring residents association as ranking members of an Oversight Committee overseeing the implementation of the project / adherence to all regulatory requirements.


  3. Amps Says:

    Mistakes from the past may not be corrected. But let’s not make the same mistakes again.

    If by law, no one is allowed to build on steep slopes, then you can’t. No amount of slope engineering, monitoring, etc. can stop the wrath of Mother Nature; we’ve seen it happen too many times all along the hills of Ulu Klang and Ampang. Have we already forgotten about Highland Towers, Kg. Pasir, etc.?

    But the most troubling matter is how the developer has gone about trying to slip in the application of this project under everyone’s noses. No proper visible signboards have been placed, and only a handful of notices were sent to some residents. A project of this magnitude deserves the proper consultation from those living in adjacent and nearby neighborhoods.

    MPAJ would be wise to not rush in and approve this project without taking every factor into consideration. And again, if it’s against the law to build on steep slopes, it should not proceed at all.

  4. Cassava Says:

    Dear concerned residents,

    Trying to force through an uncompromising position is futile. We might win the battle today but the problem will never go away. Another attempt to develop that piece of land will be made soon after.

    I stand corrected but I thought that there is no blanket prohibition against development on hillslopes…but the stipulated laws/regulations are more stringent than development on flatland.

    In my opinion, the best approach is for all parties to work together to ensure PROPER IMPLEMENTATION of the project.


  5. wary77 Says:

    Two wrongs do not make it right!

    While MPAJ never find a solution to address landslide issues around their area, they continued to create more problems for themselves, to allow this project to be executed (The only solution made known to Ampang Residents is to camouflage landslide with hideous blue PVC sheets).

    Hiding behind “stringent hillslopes development laws/regulations” does not address environmental needs, more over safety of Malaysian Citizens. The only solutions is to permanently gazetted the green-belts, as National Parks, so that who ever still thinks primitively, can freely roam and be closed to the nature.

    Welcome to all family loving, hassle free prospective residents of to-be developed hillside area, welcome to Ampang, where you can wish your family and assets to be instantly closer to God, to be wiped out of your sights at no cost, by the virtue of monsoon rain. If you are lucky,your name too,will be listed as missing person in national newspaper and be counted as part of statistics.

  6. Ukay Heights Resident Says:

    please help to stop the development. we have seen whatever happened to the family at Ampang Hilir years before. house collapsing due to the unstable soil and landslides. doesn’t anything like this concern the authorities? whats the point of developing the land when it is not safe? if you’re doing that, it proves that you’re doing it for the money. they say we make mistakes, and the only way to make it up to it is not make that mistake again. i’m only 14 yeasrs old and i saw this protests and i have to help make a difference. the authorities must really look into this issue rather than see it grow till it collapses. please make an effort to stop this project. you have my support..

  7. Dtk Syed Abdillah Says:

    MPAJ is incorrigible!!Isnt death by landlslide 3 incidents enough to stop all hillside developments by now!!Ampang/U Klang has always loyally returned the BN candidate—whoever it is–by landslide majority!!
    Are we now being rewarded by landslide in kind?

  8. Elyas Says:

    As our country is getting prepared for a 6months drought
    which will lead to water rationing(NST 10Feb DPM Najib),MPAJ is approving projects that will wipe out water catchment area.There is a lake up there with 3streams flowing into it which makes it a LIVING lake,a valuable water resource ESPECIALLY IN THE COMING DROUGHT!!!!
    Datuk Seri Najib HELP!!! Save us from these idiots at MPAJ.The project will lead to flooding in the poorest area KAMPUNG MELAYU AMPANG within 5Years.

  9. Ukay Heights resident Says:

    I am wondering what the new development will be doing to the environment here and how it is going to be maintained in the future….maintanance of roads, drains and roadlights is nearly not in the vocabolary of Ukay Heights.

    For two years now the residents uphill in Ukay Heights has been passing buy a dangerous landslide very close to the road. The orange cones to warn mororists placed at the location in the beginning are long gone thanks to the monkeys and as we rarely have any street lights along the road it is very dangerous for people not familiar with the area to pass by at night. The blue plastic which is the only mesuare taken to prevent further slides is deteriourating by now, the road is cracking at several places and even sinking, meaning that there will be more landslides coming…

    And yes whenever we have heavy rain, the water flows over the road because for some reason our drains up here are always clocked by silts from construction sites and leaves. We frequently experience water under the road as well due to broken water pipes.

    So why have we spend 10 years here….? We love the trees, monkeys ,wildlife, the peace and quiet and yet so close to town and are certainly going to move away before anybody cleares the forest of the slopes..

    Please think before you chop,,,, what other city in the world can be proud of prime jungle area located just 10 minutes drive from the city center….

    Ukeay Heights recident.

  10. Concerned resident Says:

    Stop chopping down trees! Apart from causing landslides, our source of oxygen is running low day by day. The risk of landslides and building collapsing down are even higher if this developement takes place. For once, think about our environment. We experienced flood and right after that, we are told to be prepared of the coming drought. Global warming!! Why make way for danger and burden people’s thoughts with worry and fear??? The incidents that happened over the years…are they forgotten? Aren’t there not enough bungalows, and housing areas here???

  11. Ismail Abdillah Says:

    “Have,then,they(who deny the truth) never yet seen how
    We visit the earth(with Our punishment),gradually depriving it of all that is best thereon? For,(when) God judges,there is no power that could repel His judgment:and swift in reckoning is He!” Quran 13:41

    The Hillview Incident,The General n family,Kg Pasir Incident all led to unecessary death.MPAJ and Selangor Exco should read abv verse n take heed.Do not ignore our(residents of Ampang/Ulu Klang) valid concerns.Do you want more death to be on your shoulders?Your deeds will be accounted for n you will face a suffering severe if you act irresponsibly.

  12. Nabila Says:

    MPAJ Are you aware that there is a lake up ther fed by 3 streams? As we hv a long drought coming,this catchment area can be recommissioned to support at least the Ampang Area as back-up!! PLS DO NOT DESTROY OUR ENVIRONMENT.


    Today Utusan Melayu highlightes the ammonia contamination of 2 rivers that will lead to water shortage.Lets us save this Ampang Water catchment area!!!

  13. Nabila Habshee Says:

    the monkeys have nowhere else to go for wood as we are destroying our natural habitat….they are now rading our houses for food and attacking our kitchen…we had made many reports to the forest department and sometimes they had to shoot the monkeys which are becoming more agressive..PLEASE STOP DESTROYING OUR RAINFOREST..sometimes we even have wild boar coming near our houses..this project will surely cause more landslide and will be a danger to the live of those whose living in this area..STOP IT.

  14. Azham Says:

    Dear all,
    This is a matter for each person living in the area to take up and fight for. It is bad enough that the area is not maintained properly now, with the addition of new areas in the current condition will only lead to chaos and inconvenience which will definitely effect everyone living in the area. This will then lead to the drop in value of all the surrounding areas. While it is easy to make decision about approving a new development, it is a much more complex task to predict what problems this may cause in the future without proper planning. Another problem that will arise if the precious greens are destroyed is, wild life creatures that are already beginning to come out of their habitat will further be displaced and be of a nuisance to the community.

    These problems must be highlighted and the whole community should act as a whole to gain a favorable outcome. To do this, there should be a committee elected as soon as possible and perhaps a mini PR campaign should be launched with the help of corporate leaders who live around the area,WWF and any other bodies that are willing to get involved in moving this matter to the higher authorities in the government.

  15. upset resident Says:

    “Moreover, the authorities shall appoint representatives of the neighboring residents association as ranking members of an Oversight Committee overseeing the implementation of the project / adherence to all regulatory requirements.”
    Dear Casava,
    Are you with the authorities or the developer?

  16. Cassava Says:

    Hi ‘upset resident’,

    I’m with neither. But trying to come up with workable suggestions so that we remain “inside the loop” in the event that the developer manage to secure all regulatory approvals to commence development.

  17. Upset Resident Says:

    Malaysians are a forgetful lot.
    There has been 5 huge landslides within 2km of this stretch of road along Hulu Klang.
    Let’s refresh our memories.
    Dec 11, 1993 – Highland Towers
    May 15, 1999 – Athanaeum Tower
    Oct 5, 2000 – Bukit Antarabangsa
    Nov 20, 2002 – Taman Hillview
    May 31, 2006 – Kampung Pasir
    These are all development on hillslopes in the same area where MAA proposes to develop. The terrain is very hilly, and very difficult and costly to develop properly. Recent history has taught us that sooner or later disturbances to these natural slopes will result in landslides during the rainy seasons – note the dates above.
    There are 3 governing bodies that are involved in approving these projects – the MPAJ, JKR Unit Cerun and Ikram. It’s safe to say they have not learnt from these tragedies. Or perhaps as long as the courts absolve them of any responsibilities in case of a tragedy (eg. Highland Towers), they will continue to approve risky development on dangerous hillslopes.
    Are Malaysians such a forgiving lot?

  18. Antares Says:

    As a former 22-year resident of Ampang the entire Ulu Klang area is well-known to me and features fondly in my memories. It’s clear that the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council is infested with vermin and has been for way too long. Indeed, the entire Selangor Stste Exco is riddled with maggots and the rotten state of affairs echoes the endemic corruption of the entire Barisan Nazional. Folks, I’mnot at all interested in politics – but I’m very interested in the long-term well-being of family and friends, which is why I urge everybody to stop being ruled by fear and VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!! Otherwise shut up and watch your country disintegrate. Migration is NOT an option.

  19. Ampang Resident Says:

    This is simply a matter of money versus the environment. For some reason humanity tends to think that making money by using the last remaining spaces of the environment is a viable and sustainable solution. We’re losing the battle if development is all we think about.

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