Malaysian Assurance Alliance Bhd have resubmitted their plans to clear the hills of Ampang. The notice of application is new but the plan is the same, which is to develop 149 bungalow lots and 460 units of 10 storeys offices on one of the last remaining hills on Jalan Ulu Klang.

This is a never-ending battle, and the constant resubmissions by the developer and numerous public hearings with MPAJ seem to be designed to wear us down. But let’s not give up. If the project goes as plan, it will forever change the landscape, beauty and tranquility of Ampang and Ulu Klang. It will disrupt lives, endanger those living along the hillslopes, add to traffic congestion on existing roads, and much more.

Though the MPAJ signboards gives a deadline of the 5th September 2007 to submit our objections, some residents have received their notices on the 14th August, thus with a deadline of 4th September, given the 21 days. Consequently we are advised that all written objections should reach the MPAJ’s Office by Thursday, 30th August 2007. For those who wish to use a sample letter, please write to for one.

Please submit your Objection Letter to MPAJ asap. They have given us very short notice. Please do not miss this chance! Act now!