MPAJ wants more landslides?

September 18, 2007

Why does MPAJ insist so much on approving this new hill-slope development?  Is it based on past successful experiences?  Was Taman Zooview such a success?  The picture shows the site TODAY!!  Notice the bits and pieces of the “retaining wall”…

Or maybe Highland Tower was a success?  All abandoned… 

It is so EASY for politicians to show up during tragedies and PROMISE to the people that all will be done to prevent such a future loss of life and property.  TODAY is the time when politicians can keep their promises and PREVENT a future TRAGEDY. 

Indeed, we are all left wondering why MPAJ insists so much on getting this project across?


2 Responses to “MPAJ wants more landslides?”

  1. Resident Says:

    Why don’t MPAJ build some parks around here. We have no playgrounds here for the children. Somewhere where the children can exercise, play football, swings etc.
    Somewhere where the residents can organise basketball games, play badminton. All our children will end up hanging out at malls. Even now, for the young to exercise, we have to take them to play centres INSIDE shopping centre! If we want to play a sport, we have to join an expensive private club. MPAJ – No Planning lah! No future thinking! No family orientation! And then we blame the kids when they grow up and become people with no civic consciousness, hang out with undesirable elements, do drugs, … you get the picture.

  2. Registered Voter Says:

    I am just a simple housewife living in Ampang with not much to say normally. Talking to the makciks in the area and they say “Aiyah, how to stop this project – too much money in pockets already ah. It is just a matter of time. You know lah” So I have just 3 words to say – STOP THE ROT!

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