MPAJ Hearing

September 27, 2007

Ukay Heights residents declare hearing null and void

THE objection hearing on the proposed development in Ukay Heights held at Ampang Jaya Muncipal Council (MPAJ) together with the developer have been declared null and void by residents who were at the hearing yesterday. 

Taman Hijau Residents’ Association president Datuk Abdul Aziz said MPAJ did not take everyone within the affected boundary into account for the hearing.  “We feel that not enough notices were sent out to the residents.  Some residents, who had received the letters earlier, were sent retraction letters not to attend the hearing.  

“We would also like to state that the reports on the proposed development, which we have been asking since March were only given two days ago.  We didn’t have enough time to analyse in detail because the reports took time to be photocopied before it was returned.”  He urged that another hearing be held after they have studied the relevant documents properly and everyone affected were notified. 

MPAJ secretary Abd Hamid Hussain said that all the issues brought up by the residents would be taken to the One-Stop Centre (OSC). 

“The OSC will be making the decisions pertaining to the issues brought up by the residents including the request for another hearing. 

“We would like to state that no decision has been made regarding the proposed development and everything discussed today will be studied in detail before it’s tabled at the OSC,” he said. 

The proposed project at Ukay Heights is a mixed development involving 149 bungalows and 460 shop/office units in a 10-storey building.

– The Star Metro


One Response to “MPAJ Hearing”

  1. Taman Hijau Apt resident Says:

    I was at the Hearing yesterday, we asked the developer’s reps/experts:
    – who’s going to maintain that 6 storeys high retaining wall say, 50 years from now – couldn’t answer!
    – 50 extra cars only using Jalan 11? is this the only access road for the bungalows? – couldn’t answer!
    – are you building bungalows or just selling bungalow land lots? – couldn’t answer or didn’t answer because every time we ask a question, a lady in black, I assume is their lawyer(?) stood up and said they cannot answer. Then why allow the presentation? If we cannot ask questions, then why ask us to go to the Hearing?!!
    What kind of Hearing is this?!!!

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