“MPAJ – Dengar Rakyat”

March 23, 2008



“Say No to Development on Hillslopes”

“No more Landslides”

“MPAJ say No to MAA”

“Save our Hills”

“No Dangerous Development”

“Save Ampang Hills”

… these were some of the banners, poster & signages that were put up in our community for the past 2 years.

“MPAJ – Dengar Rakyat”

… was another one.

Yet they did not listen, so the rest … as they say, is history.

Today, the new Selangor state government held a meet-the-people session in Ampang. Some residents from our community took time off their busy schedules to attend. We voiced our opinion, we stated our case, we waved a banner, we held placards, we questioned the approval which was delivered on the 18th March 2008, we complained about the manner in which MPAJ handled the entire matter, we requested a review and we handed in a letter to YB the new Menteri Besar of Selangor, to our newly elected MP and to newly elected Adun, State Assemlyman.

Please see video footage in Malaysiakini or YouTube under “PKR leaders meet Ampang folks”

We shall wait and see if they are listening.




2 Responses to ““MPAJ – Dengar Rakyat””

  1. mdshah Says:

    I don’t think MPAJ is interested in looking after the interest of tax payers.
    It is established to advance the interest of oligarch and cronies.
    Our ultimate tool is to launch a campaign to boycott all MAA businesses because of its anti social stance. This campaign could be done cheaply through SMS, just like the way people in Penang campaigning against nasi kandar restaurant.

  2. Ampang old folk Says:

    Yes, the old Selangor government did not listen to us, so we voted them out. Hope your reminders to the new Sel govt will be effective.

    Just to clarify to your readers:
    the approval for this project was made back in Nov 2007 by the former MPAJ. (not March ’08)

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