4 killed, thousands homeless

December 7, 2008

Najib: No more approval for risky hillside development

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 6, 2008): The government will not allow any development in hilly areas at risk of landslides to avert a recurrence of the mishaps, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said today. As such, he said, developers should not lobby the government for approval for projects in these areas.

“I believe there is no reason to carry out development on hill slopes at risk of landslides. It is better to take preventive measures to avert possible disasters.

“We have to learn from what has happened today,” he said during a visit to look at the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa, Hulu Klang, near here.
Najib said there was no stopping developers from sending in their applications for hillslope projects once the stir over the landslide has eased. 
“Human beings have a short memory. In three or six months, people would have forgotten (what happened) and the developers will lobby for their applications to be approved. They do not learn from what has happened,” he said.

Najib warned developers not to pressure the government for approvals or to regard the government’s action as harsh.

However, he said the government should not be blamed if any area where development was not allowed in the first place was later found to be risk-free.

He expressed satisfaction with the response of the rescue team. He said the rescue operation has to be done cautiously as the ground is still unstable. Najib said the government has evacuated more than 2,000 occupants of a block of condominium situated near the scene of the landslide. — Bernama

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3 Responses to “4 killed, thousands homeless”

  1. than Says:

    Thanks for posting the links of the politicians statements.I still think for posterity it is better to post ion your blog all relevant statements becuse the links may removed this statements.As the chinese sayings say the strongest memory cannot compared the faintest ink of the ink brush.Benjamin George statement is the most honest because what do you expect a guy who is in his eighties,lost his family ,put up with all legal and bureaucratic problems have to say in the latest landslide

  2. Ampang resident Says:

    Dr Benjamin George said “this nonsense will not end.” Unfortunately, he may be right.

    Do you know there are 121 approved hillside projects by the former MPAJ prior to March 2008. What’s the point of not approving anymore … 121 approved and waiting to be built!

    What does Najib and Abdullah has to say to that?

  3. Mai Says:

    Geographically Malaysia does not have rocky mountains except for Mt Kinabalu. That shows most of our land are of porous type meaning that water could easily penetrate deep down the earth. Even on flat land bulidings could be sinking down what more buildings by the hillslope?Human thinking always based on rationale and facts but remember God made anything possible!

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