B.Antarabangsa folks in jeopardy

December 7, 2008

This was how thousands of residents were evacuated in

Bukit Antarabangsa yesterday after the landslide. 











When these Malaysians bought their family homes, did they think that This would happen to them?  Did the thought that one day they and their children would have to struggle through cascading mud down a slippery dirt road for safety?  Where will they go?  What is to become of their home, a place which is supposed to be a safe haven for their families.  There are many questions that needs answers.


2 Responses to “B.Antarabangsa folks in jeopardy”

  1. than Says:

    Should we not include the politician’s policy statements after the aftermath of this incident for posterity?

  2. A Cassava Says:

    From the Star (12/10/08):
    “Army to build access road for folk
    KUALA LUMPUR: An alternative road will be built to link Taman Tar to provide another access for Bukit Antarabangsa residents who have been cut off by the landslide.
    Brig-Gen Datuk Azman Rosli said an aerial survey of the hillside area was being carried out to map out a suitable route to link the two areas.”

    1. any info on the exact route alignment?
    2. can jln kolam ayer support the additional traffic?

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