Attention All Good Samaritans

March 5, 2009

We received this from a friend:-

I have been approached by my aunt who teaches in Assunta school to spread the words pertaining to this girl who needs to raise fund to save her eyesight.

Her name is Yvonne Foong                                                                               

and I believe that her plight has previously been highlighted in the papers. Briefly, she needs to undergo a highly complicated surgery due to optic nerve tumour. It’s a rare condition and Malaysian hospitals lack the necessary expertise to perform such a surgery.

Her father suffered from brain haemorrhage more than ten years ago and is unable to work, while her mother earns enough to get by only. So she has been raising on her own for the said surgery. Please take some time off to read her blog and help out in any way that you can, no matter how small the contribution as time is running out for her. She has another 3 days to collect enough funds for this surgery and she’s still lacking about RM10,000.  Thank you!!!  Regards, E.E.P

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