Hillview’s hillslope woes

May 4, 2009

Hillslope project and drug haunt part of dialogue


DEVELOPMENTS, especially on hillslopes, were questioned by residents of Taman Sri Ukay and Hill View Ampang during a dialogue held with the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).  The dialogue was the first to be organised by the Taman Sri Ukay Hill View Residents’ Association (RA) since it was registered last October.

A Hill View resident asked about a development at Madonna Heights, the area where the former Good Shepherd kindergarten used to be.  “There are plans to build a gated community and high-rise apartments here. The MPAJ circulated six notices to six households within Taman Hillview but approval had apparently been given despite all six homes objecting to the plan,” the resident claimed.

“Is this the commitment of the authorities. Haven’t they learnt a lesson from past tragedies like the Highland Towers and Bukit Antarabangsa?  “This is frustrating and I am disgusted,” the resident said.

Also present were representatives from Telekom, Syabas, the police and Duke Highway. Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin and Gombak MP and Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman Azmin Ali were also present.

A resident staying at Lorong 7A in Taman Sri Ukay also voiced out her fears about a condominium at the peak.  She said this was a serious matter and that any untoward incident would affect the whole residential area.

Another matter brought up was claims by residents that the site of the Highland Towers tragedy has become a haunt for drug addicts.

The residents also complained about problems related to a religious school in the area.  “The drivers with their big cars park anywhere they like and have no respect for the residents. Traffic is heavy and a danger to us. The hygiene at the premises is also questionable,” said the residents.

Other issues raised included noise the residents have to put up with now that the Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway (Duke) is open.  “We are wondering if barriers can be put up to muffle the noise. Also, the point where the DUKE and MRR2 converge is often at a gridlock, causing the congestion to spill over to the Melawati area.”

MPAJ deputy president Abd Hamid Hussain said he was unable to comment on the matters raised.


One Response to “Hillview’s hillslope woes”

  1. amit Says:

    Subject: Change in Development Guideline and Policy for Bungalows in Taman Hillview (MPAJ)

    Yesterday Nov 9, myself and a couple other residents of Tmn Hillview attended a meeting with MPAJ to discuss the proposed building plan of a new property owner in the neighbourhood (in Jalan 3C) – whose property our houses are directly adjacent to. The immediate neighbours were invited to present any objections if any to the building plan application as part of MPAJ’s approval process.

    I write this to bring to your notice and that of other Hillview and nearby taman residents that during this meeting we were informed that under a “new” development guideline (dated 2006) of the Selangor state govt, Bungalow lot owners are now allowed to build / renovate their houses to a maximum of 3 storeys (inclusive of any basement) from 2 storeys previously. This is subject to the basement floor or soil to top ceiling being no more than 40 feet in height – and irrespective of plot size (so long as a front setback of 20 feet and side and back setback of 10 feet is maintained).

    This off course has medium to long term implications with respect to the following as more houses are renovated to 3 storeys:-
    – Privacy and View issues (i.e. immediate 1 – 2 sty neighbours lose some privacy and views of the general surrounds as houses are to close and too high to allow privacy/views/sunlight. Note: Plot ratio with building height is not a criteria in considering approval for increasing floors / building height.)
    – Visual look and feel of the neighbourhood where we have houses whose top floor/roof is above the general tree line (we will have a neigbouhood that over time becomes less and less green)
    – insufficient sunlight (and airflow) reaching our back lawns for grass/plants to grow (or for sun drying of clothes!)

    I had requested in writing that if this is MPAJ’s current policy to allow 3 sty bungalows, their should give all bungalow owners approval in principle (subject to slope/erosion risk or other technical considerations) to building 3 stys – and to ensure this approval is not selectively given.
    All residents should also be made aware of this change in MPAJ’s policy – as this has significant impact on property valuations amongst others as mentioned above.

    While I personally prefer that only 1 or 2 sty Bungalows be allowed in Tmn Hillview (keeping in mind that significant parts of the residential area is exposed to landslide risk), if this MPAJ/state govt policy change is a fait accompli (as the MPAJ people seem to indicate), there might not be much that I individually or even collectively with other residents can do.
    Hence I am writing this to keep residents of Hillview and perhaps also others nearby (Taman Sri Ukay, Tmn Hijau etc.) informed – as I was unaware of this policy change.

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