June 5, 2008

We are appealing for funds to help us pay for our legal battle against the development on our hillslopes including our representation at the Appeal Board next month.  Your generous donations will help cover the legal fees as well as fees for the town planner and geotechnical experts.  All contributions are to be made through cheques drawn in favour of Messrs Azman Davidson & Co.  Please write your name & contact with an address at the back of your cheque, for receipts will be issued.  For your convenience, they can be dropped off at house #42 Taman Hijau, Ukay Heights, 68000 Ampang.  For further details or clarification, please email us.

Let’s help keep our hills green and safe, help us fight for sustainable development.





April 14, 2008

Not fighting a losing battle


For the first time residents of eight residential areas in Ampang have come together to meet their elected representatives after the recent general election.

And there was a good reason for the meeting.

The residents from Taman Hijau, Ukay Heights, Taman TAR, Dataran Ukay, Taman Hillview, Bukit Antarabangsa, Taman Melawati and Taman Zooview met up with Selangor state executive councillor for tourism, consumer affairs and environment Elizabeth Wong, Gombak MP Azmin Ali and Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin to air their grouses over the rampant hillside development projects in Ampang.

The gathering at Taman Hijau was attended by nearly hundred residents and saw many questions raised over the approved hillside developments by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) and the future of the hills and nature reserves in Ampang, which they had fought for all these years.

Zuraida said that she was glad to see the residents coming together for a common cause and expressed her unhappiness over the projects too.

“I am very disappointed with some of the developers who have embarked on these projects without taking other matters such as the environment and the residents’ objection into consideration,” she said.

She also responded to Taman Hijau residents’ complaint over a proposed project on the 24.9ha-site (61.54-acre) near the Taman Hijau Apartment which is a mixed development comprising 149 bungalows and 460 shop/office units in a 10-storey building.

“The project will not only affect Taman Hijau residents but also the neighbouring areas. We would surely do our best to express our objection,” said Zuraida.

For Taman Zooview resident Tan Lor Chee, she was glad that the representatives came forward to meet the residents to get a clearer picture on matters.

“At least we know that we have the support of our wakil rakyat, and we hope they will continue to assist, listen to us and take action,” said Tan who had been living in Taman Zooview for the past 18 years.

Tan said the hillside developments near her area had caused plenty of damages to nature and the neighbouring areas like Ukay Perdana.

“We had monkeys coming into our compounds since their natural habitat were being destroyed,” said Tan.

The 50-year-old school-teacher also added that the residents had met up with the council couple of times but none of the meetings were fruitful.

Joint Action Committee For Bukit Gasing (JACBG) member Gary Yeoh said he appreciated that the state government was working on a more transparent mode.

According to an expatriate, who only wanted to be known as Denis, the residents were happy with the outcome of the meeting.

“Earlier all our objection letters to the council received terse replies stating that our objections were irrelevant considering these are major projects,” he said.

Among the other projects being planned for the area are the construction of 21 three-storey houses on a 1.85ha land between Jalan Kelab Ukay 5 and Jalan Kelab Ukay 6, a few meters away from the Sungai Sering. The site is situated next to an oxidation pond near Taman Kelab Ukay. Another project of concern to the residents is the Taman Melawati Hill in phase 3, a well-hidden recreational trail for many residents in and around Taman Melawati, where a proposed housing development project is set to take place.

Both projects had been approved by the MPAJ.

Recently Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim put two hillside projects in Bukit Antarabangsa, that was approved by the MPAJ, on hold until the projects were reviewed.

Thanks to English daily theStar & Chinese paper SinChew for covering our story.

A big thanks too to MALAYSIAKINI.TV for the following report:-

Elizabeth Wong promises to review ‘approved’ developments
12 April 2008 | 06:41 min
News Clips / General

The new Selangor state government has recently put a ban on hillslope development but allowing 141 hillslope projects that have been approved by the previous administration to continue.

Speaking to concerned residents of Ampang, Elizabeth Wong, Selangor exco member who the environment as one of her portfolios, said that she and her team will investigate the approved developments and urge the residents to assist her with information that she can take to the state government.
Camera & editing: Uzair Sawal

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We need to



Residents of

Taman Hijau, Ukay Heights, Dataran Ukay 

Taman TAR, Taman Hillview, Bukit Antarabangsa

Taman Melawati, Taman ZooView


In a call to the Selangor State Government to Save Ampang Hills. 

Stop the Landslides:  MPAJ must be accountable for their actions & projects they approve.

Keep the Greenery:  rampant development of Ampang Hills disrupt bodies of water resulting in water shortage, flooding, soil erosion, landslides & destruction of remaining green areas in Selangor.

Protect our families & our homes.


Please come and support. Call your friends & neighbours too.

Date:     Saturday, 12 April 2008

Time:    10.00 am

Venue:  Taman Hijau, Ukay Heights, Ampang


Activities:  Show of solidarity against irresponsible hillslope development 

                  Attendance by representatives from the Selangor State Government

                  Press Conference


Directions: Along Ulu Kelang, at traffic lights junction in front of Flamingo hotel,

turn into Jln Kolam Ayer at Petronas. Drive pass ISKL, turn left into small bridge after the SPCA.

Drive up the hill until you see ‘Taman Hijau’ signboard on the right. Turn in.





“Say No to Development on Hillslopes”

“No more Landslides”

“MPAJ say No to MAA”

“Save our Hills”

“No Dangerous Development”

“Save Ampang Hills”

… these were some of the banners, poster & signages that were put up in our community for the past 2 years.

“MPAJ – Dengar Rakyat”

… was another one.

Yet they did not listen, so the rest … as they say, is history.

Today, the new Selangor state government held a meet-the-people session in Ampang. Some residents from our community took time off their busy schedules to attend. We voiced our opinion, we stated our case, we waved a banner, we held placards, we questioned the approval which was delivered on the 18th March 2008, we complained about the manner in which MPAJ handled the entire matter, we requested a review and we handed in a letter to YB the new Menteri Besar of Selangor, to our newly elected MP and to newly elected Adun, State Assemlyman.

Please see video footage in Malaysiakini or YouTube under “PKR leaders meet Ampang folks”

We shall wait and see if they are listening.



Save Ampang Hills

November 2, 2007

Date:  Sat 3 Nov 2007      Time:  Walk 7.30am      End with breakfast:  9am

Location:  Entrance to Bukit Melawati, Taman Melawati

Theme:  Save Ampang Hills – Protect our families & our homes

Activities:   1) A walk up Taman Melawati Hill followed by bring-your-                             breakfast or potluck if you feel like sharing

                     2)     Launching of umbrella website –

                     Save Ampang Hills – Protect our families & our homes

Uniting Residents of:

 Taman Melawati                    Ukay Heights            

Taman Hillview                      Bukit Antarabangsa  

Taman ZooView                     Dataran Ukay

Taman Hijau                          Taman TAR 

in a call to MPAJ & Selangor State Government to  KEEP the Greenery

& STOP the Landslides:

 1.      follow policy in State Structure Plan

2.      up-date & gazette the Ampang Structure Plan immediately

3.      follow the calls by the residents of Ampang

4.     be legally accountable for their actions and projects they approve

MPAJ Hearing

September 27, 2007

Ukay Heights residents declare hearing null and void

THE objection hearing on the proposed development in Ukay Heights held at Ampang Jaya Muncipal Council (MPAJ) together with the developer have been declared null and void by residents who were at the hearing yesterday. 

Taman Hijau Residents’ Association president Datuk Abdul Aziz said MPAJ did not take everyone within the affected boundary into account for the hearing.  “We feel that not enough notices were sent out to the residents.  Some residents, who had received the letters earlier, were sent retraction letters not to attend the hearing.  

“We would also like to state that the reports on the proposed development, which we have been asking since March were only given two days ago.  We didn’t have enough time to analyse in detail because the reports took time to be photocopied before it was returned.”  He urged that another hearing be held after they have studied the relevant documents properly and everyone affected were notified. 

MPAJ secretary Abd Hamid Hussain said that all the issues brought up by the residents would be taken to the One-Stop Centre (OSC). 

“The OSC will be making the decisions pertaining to the issues brought up by the residents including the request for another hearing. 

“We would like to state that no decision has been made regarding the proposed development and everything discussed today will be studied in detail before it’s tabled at the OSC,” he said. 

The proposed project at Ukay Heights is a mixed development involving 149 bungalows and 460 shop/office units in a 10-storey building.

– The Star Metro

An avenue for Ukay Heights folks


COME Wednesday, the residents of Ukay Heights will be coming forward for a third time to voice out their objections to the Ampang Jaya Muni-cipal Council (MPAJ) over a proposed hill side development in their neighbourhood. While the developers insist that they have followed all the rules and regulations pertaining to the hillside development, residents are still sceptical.  

Tengku Rozani Putra was busy laying out the placards neatly together. The words in bright red read: MPAJ Please Learn From Your Mistakes were simple enough, but she wonders if they ever would learn.  “It’s common sense! It’s so simple, yet why do they not see the truth,’’ she sighed.   Tengku Rozani, a long time resident of Ukay Heights said that she was unable to understand why the authorities did not learn from past mistakes.  She was helping out with the preparation for the MPAJ up-coming objection hearing on Wednes-day with residents of Ukay Heights at the Taman Hijau apartments recently.  Residents from nearby areas had gathered and are busy preparing the placards and notes ready.  

The first two meetings were deemed null and void due to technical matters and discrepancies between the notice sent to residents and the development proposal that was announced by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).  

The objection hearing is being carried out for a mixed development project involving 149 bungalows and 460 shop lots in a 10-storey building.  

Like many others, Tengku Roza-ni feels that the project should not have been considered in the first place.   She is afraid and no one can blame her after the tragic High-land Tower, Taman Hillview and Zooview incidents that claimed innocent lives.  “I paid a deposit to buy a unit in Highland Towers years ago, so did my mother and aunt. And not long after that the tower came down.   “I then bought a house in Zoo-view and lived there for nine years, and then the Zooview landslide happened.   “Last November I moved into Taman Hijau and now this. It’s frustrating that they (MPAJ) never learn. All it takes is some rain and some soil movements for disaster to happen. I guess we just have to keep fighting and protesting,” she said. 

Taman Hijau residents’ association president Datuk Abdul Aziz said the residents were totally against the development, as it did not comply with regulations on hill slope development.   “Nothing has changed – the whole project is still contravening guidelines on hill slope development. The layout of the project is the same- despite the changes made, there is still going to be a lot of tree cutting activities and land filling. The original landscape of the area will be gone,” Aziz said.  

Taman Hijau Apartments Committee Chairman Datuk Mustapha Mahmud said that he was disappointed with MPAJ for not providing residents with a proper avenue to access all the geological, EIA reports and maps pertaining to the proposed project.   “We have to go to MPAJ and view the documents at an info kiosk situated in their lobby area.   No room is provided to look through the maps and reports for privacy purposes. No copies are provided for inspection, no pictures are allowed to be taken. As layman we need time to look at the reports and this is really strange behaviour from a government department,” Mustapha said.  

“The greatest fear with any hillside development project is the pressure that might be exerted on the hill slope during heavy rain,” said Aziz, adding that the felling of trees was also going to lead to the weakening of soil and cause massive erosion and even flooding.  

When contacted, the developer Malaysian Assurance Alliance Bhd (MAA) said that the development was one of the lowest density developments in Malaysia with three units per acre.  “We are building along the terrain, there is no heavy cutting, or land filling and it is of low density. We have spent millions on technical reports and went through 13 government agencies scrutinising our proposals and drawings.  The proposed development have been scrutinised by the Public Works Department, Ikram, TNB, Syabas, Town Planning De-partment, Health Department, District Land Office and other agencies.   The following reports and as-sessment were also carried out: Geotechnical Assessment Report, Independent Geotechnical Audit Report, Traffic Impact Assess- ment Report, Environment Impact Assessment Report, Environmen-tal Management Plan, Geology Terrain Mapping Report, Geology Physical Mapping Report, Soil In-vestigation Report, Soil Erosion Assessment Report and Proposed Development Report.   “We have revised the layout plans five times. Everything is as transparent as can be,” he said, adding the development will im-prove the stability of the existing slopes, the infrastructure and overall image of the area. 

– The Star